Welcome to Emerald City Bicycle Studio

Welcome to the Emerald City Bicycle Studio, your source for bicycle adventure. We are here to outfit, repair, and egg-on your cycling adventures–urban & beyond! We believe the bicycle is a tool, an extremely useful tool, that can allow us to explore our world whether it is urban, rural, in the woods, paved, wet, cold, dirty or just dry. The bicycle can take us places you might not have thought possible: high-places, low-places, work, the jungle or just to the store. We’re here to share twelve years of bicycle mechanics and cycling skills with you in a personal and unique setting. Our passion extends beyond the drivetrain, we love setting up touring bikes, teaching basic bicycle mechanics, and sharing the amazing routes we’ve discovered over the years. Here at Emerald City we really ride bikes.


About swiftindustries

hand-crafted bicycle panniers, basement industry, avid cyclists, professional stitchers, crafters, bicycle touring, bikes, bags, seattle washington
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One Response to Welcome to Emerald City Bicycle Studio

  1. wfb says:

    who is the stud with the beard on this site? good work!

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