Welcome to Emerald City Bicycle Studio

Welcome to the Emerald City Bicycle Studio, your source for bicycle adventure. We are here to outfit, repair, and egg-on your cycling adventures–urban & beyond! We believe the bicycle is a tool, an extremely useful tool, that can allow us to explore our world whether it is urban, rural, in the woods, paved, wet, cold, dirty or just dry. The bicycle can take us places you might not have thought possible: high-places, low-places, work, the jungle or just to the store. We’re here to share twelve years of bicycle mechanics and cycling skills with you in a personal and unique setting. Our passion extends beyond the drivetrain, we love setting up touring bikes, teaching basic bicycle mechanics, and sharing the amazing routes we’ve discovered over the years. Here at Emerald City we really ride bikes.

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Post Car Travel Agency August 17th to 26th











Join us for OPENING NIGHT FROM 6pm to 9pm, on August 17th!

Opening reception at StoreFrontLab located at 337 Shotwell Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Travel Agents Kelly and Kristin will be booking four self-guided tours of Northern California, select from winery routes to rugged off-road routes through the golden hills of California!

Workshops and presentations will inspire you to hit the road!


Friday (8/17) 6pm-9pm
Opening party!

Saturday – (8/18) Open Hours 10am-8pm
Open Hours (camping hammock making and alcohol stove making throughout the day)

Sunday  (8/19) Open hours 10am-8pm
transit planning 2:30-3:30
bike packing 4:00-5:00
mapping 5:30 – 7:00

Monday (8/20) 6pm-9pm
Happy/Open hour

Tuesday (8/21) 6pm-9pm
Happy/Open hour

Wednesday (8/22) 6pm-9pm
Agency Open Hours

Thursday (8/23) 6pm-9pm
Happy/Open hour
Topic: activities-by-bike

Friday (8/24) 6pm-9pm
Happy/open hours
Mechanics Class – change spokes, add in a kevlar spoke and use a hypercracker.
Cooking ‘Show’ – making a meal on a camp stove

Saturday (8/25)
Group ride to Sam P. Taylor! We’ll depart at 2pm from the StorefrontLab at 337 Shotwell Street  (RSVP at kelly@rovingstudio.com)

Come by anytime during open hours and plan a post-car adventure!

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Tolt MacDonald Overnight

Start-Husky Stadium

Martina, from Swift Industries, and I organized a group overnight to Tolt MacDonald county park this past weekend.  The forecast was not looking like it was going to cooperate but we decided, “the trip must go on!” and gladly many of our new friends agreed.

Our morning started off meeting in front of Husky Stadium, in Seattle, with 11 folks plus 1 almost 1-year-old.  Some of the faces were good friends others are, now, new friends.  We  headed north along the Burke-

Sammamish River Trail-Me and the gang

Gilman trail at a friendly, chatting pace.  A couple of hours later we were leaving Bothell landing and the Burke for the Sammamish River Trail, toward Marymoore park.

As we approached Marymoore the clouds began to look quite foreboding.  Luckily I had strategically scheduled our lunch stop at Redhook Brewery just in time for us to find outdoor seating in a thunder-storm.  The staff brought us umbrellas; it wasn’t our typical Northwestern rain, it was really coming down.  Most of our party ran for the cover of the entryway after a few minutes.  Several of us,

Thunder shower?

plus the baby, percerviered and manage to refill our empty pitchers with rain water.

After eating, we cycled on into Marymoore Park in Redmond.  Heading into a light rain we left the bike and pedestrian path behind and got onto Redmond/Fall-City Rd, which is a medium traffic road that is very scenic as it heads into the fertile Snoqualmie Valley.  It gets a little narrow in spots but is an otherwise a great cycling  road. We were not on it for too long and soon found ourselves climb (1 mile) up Tolt Hill Rd.  As we topped out on Tolt Hill the sun showed us the way into Tolt MacDonald Park.

The Snoqualmie River and Carnation.

The Rest of the evening was sunny and relaxing, I guess the rainy forecast kept too many people from coming out to camp.  Tolt MacDonald Park is located right on the confluence of the Snoqualmie and Tolt Rivers and according to theKing County website was used as a permanent wintering village for members of the Snoqualmie Tribe.

Our morning started with a little bit of rain, but fortunately most of us were still in our tents.  We had a late roll-out from Tolt and headed South on Snoqualmie River Rd.  Quiet and scenic! It’s the only route by which to leave if your heading South.  Eventually we met back

Not my first choice, but its all we had left (beverage way at least).

up with Remond/Fall City Road, following it to Fall City. Turning onto Preston/Fall City Rd. found us quickly on yet another Bike/Walking path going into Preston.

Leaving Preston you will find a nice newly paved road heading toward Issaquah, there is also a new Bike/Walking path, which is totally rideable if your comfortable on packed gravel, we opted for the pavement.  This road or path takes you to a highwayside parking lot and an old dirt railroad grade that leads cyclists right  into Issaquah unless

It wouldn’t be complete without some dirt or gravel

you want to get on the I-90.  It is not a bad ride, there may be some puddles but it generally doesn’t get muddy.

From Issaquah there are several ways back toward Seattle, I won’t bore you with details of suburban riding.  We did wiggle our way through Issaquah to Newport Way, which parallels I-90, but is far enough away and low traffic enough to make it my preferred route to getting on the I-90 trail.  The I-90 trail took us to our prospective departing points and we parted ways. And so it was: Swift Industries’ and Emerald City Bicycle Studio’s first group bike overnight.  Stay tuned for more this summer!

Snoqualmie River Rd. heading South from the park.

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Post Car Travel Agency: A pop-up bicycle travel space in San Francisco

Post Car Travel Agency:

Announcing a ten day travel agency planning door-to-door bicycle and transit adventures originating in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will provide all the functions of a travel agency: planning, booking, giving advise on outfitting and routes.

August 17th through 26th, 2012

San Francisco’s Mission District , CA

In February, Kristin Saunders and Kelly Gregory of Roving Studios, a San Francisco based architecture company, approached Swift Industries to collaborate on a pop-up shop design challenge from the Mission District’s very own StoreFrontLab. The timing was amazing since I was heading to San Francisco for a short visit. While in my hometown we put our heads together to think about how our companies and firm could present a retail space that advocates bicycle travel which incorporates public transportation and shares routes and attractions easily accessed by bicycle. Here’s what we spun up:

 We at Post Car Travel Agency want to create a cycle-centered travel agency based in the Bay Area. By inhabiting Store Front Lab, Post Car Travel Agency will promote bicycle-touring culture and community. Post Car Travel Agency was conceived by the women of Roving Studio, Post Car Adventuring, and Swift Industries because cycle touring has encouraged us to test our physical limits and expand our social and geographical sense of place. Cycle-tour has introduced us to a deepened connection to the landscape through slower travel and a relationship with public interfaces (transit, etc.). In the Storefront Lab, we are going to create a temporary travel agency planning door-to-door bicycle adventures originating in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will provide all the functions of a travel agency: planning, booking, giving advise on outfitting and routes. In addition to custom trips , we will highlight 4 routes, each of which will feature a custom baggage arrangement outfitted by the handcrafters at Swift Industries. The Post Car Travel Agency will serve as a Bay Area hub for ten days of presentations, classes, and retail space to inspire bicycle adventures. We see the StoreFrontLab as a jumping off point for a larger discussion about modern travel and as a starting point for further installations of the Post Car Travel Agency. “

The event website will announce the speakers and workshops we have lined up for the week of August 17th, and offer travel hints and resources to gear up for the amazing event.


Spread the word!

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Pedalers Fair-Seattle first ever

Join Washington’s bicycle inspired small business’s and crafter for the first ever Pedalers Fair in Ballard April 21-22 11-5 daily.  For more info go to pedalersfair.com

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First race of the season for High School MTB.


March 25, first High School Mtb League race of the season.  At Fort Flagler, near Port Townsend

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